Best Charter Schools in Tucson

Nearly 20 years ago, La Paloma Academy founder, Raena Janes, opened the Lakeside Campus with a dream to have the best charter schools in Tucson. Today, Janes has achieved that goal and so much more.

La Paloma Academy has been recognized by the State of Arizona for its Excellence in Education as an innovative trio of charter schools. We at La Paloma are continually finding new, fun, and outside-the-box ways to make the educational experience at each campus entertaining and challenging.  

We provide an exceptional K-8 educational environment, and we are considered to be one of the best charter middle schools in Tucson. We have a blended focus on academics, community involvement, and family values.

If you are looking for one of the optimum charter schools near me for your student, look no further. We have three campuses in Tucson to serve you: Central, Lakeside and South. With more than two-thousand students, we are one of the largest charter schools in Tucson.

Charter Schools Tucson

The reasons our schools are considered some of the best charter schools and charter middle schools in Tucson are the many things we offer students at no additional charge: free breakfast, free and reduced lunch, and free before- and after-school programs. You will not find this at other charter schools without some associated fees. 

Here is a little history on charter schools: Twenty-five years ago, the first charter school program was started in Minnesota. In the 2017-2018 school year, more than a million students—about 6% of all those attending public school—were enrolled in more than 7,000 charter schools in the United States. That number continues to grow each year; however, not all charter schools are created equal. We believe we stand out amongst all the others as the best charter schools in Tucson due to our combination of academics, character curriculum, and extracurricular offerings. Just ask a La Paloma student or parent!

Like a public school, charter school programs receive local, state, or even federal funding, and are tuition-free for students. We like to say we have all of the makings of a private-school education, without the tuition. We are building a solid foundation for your child. If you are looking for charter schools in your community, please visit one of our campuses and speak with the school’s principal to learn more. We look forward to having you join our La Paloma Academy family of charter schools—the best charter schools in Tucson.