Full-day Kindergarten Can Make a Critical Difference in Development

Studies Show Social and Academics Excel with Kinder Students in All-Day Programs

Tucson, AZ (March 1, 2018) – The mission of La Paloma Academy is to build a solid foundation for every child that passes through their doors. Kindergarten is such an important year as a student starts their true school career. With that in mind, La Paloma knows the benefits of full-day Kindergarten are tremendous. That is why the school continues to make it easier for parents by offering their program at no cost.

App Keeps Parents Involved

A report on KGUN 9 features La Paloma South teacher Andrea Lithgow explaining the benefits of ClassDojo, a popular app used at all La Paloma Academy campuses. ClassDojo allows parents to keep up with their student’s academic progress in real time and provides instant communication between parents and teachers.

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Helping Kids Adjust to a New School Year

Getting back into the routine of school can be difficult. KGUN 9 spoke with La Paloma South teacher Shuanna Fuentes, who describes the procedures she follows to help kids adjust to the new academic year while at school and home.

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How Much Homework is Too Much?

Teachers and parents often disagree about how much homework is too much. KGUN 9 talks to La Paloma South Principal Paul Bummer, who says the school’s teachers use common sense in assigning an age-appropriate amount of homework. Principal Bummer also stresses parental involvement and the use of school resources to lessen the strain of homework.

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