Title I FAQs

  • What is Title 1?

    Title 1 is a federal grant that provides additional funding to schools. The funds are used to support effective, evidence-based educational strategies that close the achievement gap and enable students to meet Arizona’s challenging academic standards. La Paloma Academy – Marana has a school wide Title 1 program.

  • What services does Title 1 provide?

    Our Title 1 program provides both Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions. Tier 2 interventions are typically done within the classroom with the classroom teacher and/or paraprofessionals, and Tier 3 interventions are typically done as a pull out model with a paraprofessional or reading specialist.

  • Is Title 1 the same as Special Education?

    The Title 1 program is not part of the Special Education department. LPA Marana’s Title 1 program does not address students’ needs based on disability status.. It considers student performance, achievement, and progress. Services are provided to students to improve their academic success. Students in our Special Education department receive specialized and specific services that address the identified special needs, as outlined in their IEP. Students with an IEP for reading are typically not serviced in the Title 1 program.

  • How do students qualify for Title 1?

    The opportunity to receive services from the Title 1 program is determined for each child based on several factors. Data from our schoolwide DIBELS and HMH Growth Measure assessments are analyzed. At-risk students are identified and begin receiving academic interventions. Students are then monitored throughout the school year to measure progress.

  • Are parents notified if their child is at risk?

    All K-3 students will be notified via a letter if their child is considered at risk based on the DIBELS universal screener. Parents will receive this letter in September. A child’s classroom teacher will also be in communication with parents regarding concerns about student progress throughout the year.

  • How do students exit Title 1?

    Students may exit the program at any time during the year. When Title 1 students have shown adequate progress on DIBELS and benchmarks, students are moved into a progress monitoring phase. If after nine weeks of monitoring the student continues to show academic progress in the classroom, they will be formally exited from the Title 1 program.

  • When are this year’s Parent and Family Involvement Events?

    We will have Math Night in September, Data Night in January, and Literacy Night in February!

  • Our Title I intervention services is part of the Every Student Succeeds Act, and is in place to build a solid foundation for every student during their academic career. Tutoring, summer Kinder Camp, full-day Kindergarten, parent and family involvement in events and workshops, and more resources are provided. In order to help students prepare for the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards, to reach and maintain their grade-level benchmark in literacy and math comprehension, group tutoring with our highly-qualified specialists is available to assist your students.

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