Encouraging a love for reading

Where does the love of reading come from? It may be the comfort you felt sitting on a parent’s lap listening to a bedtime story. It may be that one special book that transported you out of the everyday world and made you want to go on amazing adventures. It may be an inspiring teacher who fired your curiosity about a topic.

Our Valentine’s Fundraiser Has Started

Help support La Paloma raise funds to be used for school and classroom technology. Orders can be made online through http://store.gafundraising.com with our school code 1874247. Money and order forms are due by February 2nd and all deliveries will be made by February 12th, just in time for Valentine’s Day! We have a beautiful display of the jewelry in the front office that is being sold if anyone is interested in getting a closer look. Don’t forget that there will be prizes for those students who sell a lot of items!

What Not To Wear

Most folks are familiar with the TV show by that name. Many schools do their own version of what not to wear. They have a long list of clothing deemed inappropriate for school and spend a lot of time and energy monitoring how students are dressed every day. That is time unwisely spent, in our opinion—time that should be spent on the business of education.

Some Benefits of Playing Team Sports

As we kick off the second half of our school year, our team sports here on campus continue as well as our students’ other extracurricular activities that they might be involved in outside of school. While we take academics very seriously, it is also necessary to look at the importance of sportsmanship and how being on a team teaches valuable life lessons. Here are some examples:

A Lesson in History: New Year Resolutions

A New Year brings new goals, fresh starts and positive forward thinking. Whether it’s our diet, exercise routine or tendency to procrastinate, there is always room for improvement in the coming year. Not only adults benefit from New Year resolutions; our students can also learn a lot about self-discipline and the value of making goals. Everyone, children and adults, have heard of the tradition of making a personal list of new purposes, but do you know where this tradition comes from?

Keep Learning Alive During Holiday Break

Beginning December 22nd and joyfully extending through January 4th, we will be away from school appreciating family, friends and traditions. Time for splendid holiday fun and ringing in the New Year!

Happily, the holiday break is a chance for our school-based learning to be applied to real life situations. Students can do this without realizing that they are using the talents developed at school and keep their math, writing, reading, etc. talents sharp with these creative ideas.

Attention Parents: Parking Changes

The parking lot at Pinnacle Peak will no longer be of service to us in the AM & PM starting Tuesday, November 18, 2014.
This means a big change for all of us. Please plan accordingly. Please follow the rules and be PATIENT!

Please do not let students off in the far left-hand lane.
Please do not PARK in the right-hand lane. It is for DROP-OFF & PICK-UP only.

Reminder: Cookie dough sales ends this week!

A friendly reminder to LPA Central families, all cookie dough sales need to be in by the end of the week!

Top sellers will get to attend a Frozen party, where they will meet the characters, have their picture taken with them, and do an
activity with them.

Why Drug Awareness Week Matters

No one likes to contemplate drug use in schools, particularly in elementary and middle grades. So no one really likes to be reminded about it. That’s a natural reaction for most parents and many students. But recent statistics indicate that drug use among middle school students is on the rise and that more are actually using drugs or alcohol in school.