Title I FAQs

  • What is Title 1?

    Title 1 is a Federal Grant that provides additional funding to schools. The funds are used to support effective, evidence-based educational strategies that close the achievement gap and enable students to meet the Arizona’s challenging academic standards.

  • Which type of Title 1 program is LPA Lakeside?

    LPA Lakeside is a schoolwide Title 1 program. Schools may operate a schoolwide program if at least 40% of the children are from low-income families. In a schoolwide program, any student can benefit or receive additional services provided by the Title 1 Grant.

  • What types of Title 1 services does LPA Lakeside provide?

    Tier 2 reading interventions are provided by the classroom teacher, and students receiving Tier 3 supports will be pulled out for services provided by our Reading Specialist and paraprofessionals.

  • Is Title 1 the same as Special Education?

    The Title 1 program is not part of the Special Education department. LPA Lakeside’s Title 1 program does not address students’ needs based on disability or special needs. It considers student performance, achievement, and progress. Services are provided to students to improve their academic success. Students in our Special Education department receive specialized and specific services that address the identified special needs, as outlined in their IEP. Students with an IEP for reading are typically not serviced in the Title 1 program.

  • How do students qualify for ELA Title 1 Services? What assessments are used?

    In a school-wide program, no student identification is made that renders them eligible or ineligible for services. Students identified as most at risk are given additional assistance. The opportunity to receive services from the Title 1 program is determined for each child and based on several factors. The Director of Student Achievement, Title 1 Coordinator, and Reading Specialist meet and analyze the DATA from our schoolwide DIBELS and Performance Matters assessments. At-risk students will be identified and will begin receiving academic interventions. Teachers and parents can bring academic concerns to the Student Support Team (SST). SST meets weekly to determine appropriate levels of interventions for students who are struggling. We also have an on-site Reading Specialist who can administer reading assessments and recommend students for Title 1 placement. Students are then monitored throughout the school year to measure progress.

  • How are parents notified if their child qualifies?

    Parents will be notified by written communication if their child qualifies for Title 1 services and interventions. Parents who object to their child’s placement can contact the LPA Lakeside Title 1 department, and their child will not be served.

  • How do students exit from the program? What assessments are used?

    Students may exit the program at any time during the year. When Title 1 students have shown adequate progress and have performed at grade level on DIBELS and Benchmarks, students will be moved into a progress monitoring phase. If after nine weeks of monitoring the student continues to show academic mastery in the classroom, he/she will be formally exited from the Title 1 program, and parents will be notified by written communication.

  • What do I do if I think my child needs Title 1 services?

    If you feel your child is falling behind academically and would benefit from Title 1 services, please contact Rebecca Thies at rthies@lpatucson.org, and we will schedule an SST meeting to review your child’s academic progress and any concerns you have.

  • What is the Campus/Parent Advisory Board?

    LPA Lakeside has established a Campus and Parent Advisory Board to help develop, revise, and review our Title 1 and Parent and Family policies and plans. This advisory board will be made up of LPA staff, teachers, and parents. Everyone is welcome, and you may join at any time. The goal is to implement effective parent and family involvement activities and strategies to improve student achievement and school performance. This board will meet, at a minimum, four times within the school year. Meetings may be held during evening or weekend hours. Some of the duties will include; adopting a Parent and Family Policy/Plan, developing and reviewing family event surveys, creating a Parent and Family event calendar, reviewing and revising School-Parent compacts, and Parent and Family Involvement budgetary decisions.

  • What are this year’s Parent and Family Involvement events?

    There are many events happening at our Lakeside campus this year. In particular, our Parent and Family Involvement (PAFI) events will include the Annual Meeting & Curriculum Night in August, Math Night in November, Data Night in January, and Literacy Night in March! We will also host, along with Student Council, a volunteer week, in which parents can volunteer their time to help with teacher projects.

  • What is the School, Parent, and Student Compact?

    LPA Lakeside must jointly develop, with parents, a written student-parent- school compact that outlines the activities that the parents, school staff, and students will undertake to build and develop a partnership to help students achieve the State’s high academic standards. The compact is a commitment from the school, the parent, and the student to share the responsibility for improved academic success.

  • How can I get involved?

    As a parent or caregiver, your involvement in your child’s learning and this school is valuable and important. Parents are encouraged to attend all teacher conferences, data nights, and PAFI events. We also ask that you participate in school surveys and join the Campus/Parent advisory board.

    If you have any questions regarding our Title 1 program, please email Rebecca Thies at rthies@lpatucson.org.

  • Program Contact

    Rebecca Thies