A Child's Future Success Depends On Reading Comprehension

The Secret to Your Child’s Success: Focus on Reading

Every subject in school is important. Whether it’s math, science, history, social studies, or English, the knowledge students gain in elementary school will be referenced and used the rest of their lives. However, of all the important subjects just mentioned, only one is a crucial component of them all: English. 

Summer’s Coming!

It’s May, which means that 8th grade graduation ceremonies are coming up, and every student will be making the transition from school to summer break.

How To Prevent Brain Drain In Kids Over The Summer Months

Summer Break: How to Prevent Brain Drain in Kids

At the end of each school year, there’s always concern on the part of parents and teachers that students will be victimized by brain drain over summer break. It’s no myth. Over the two to three months students are on summer break, they experience an overall learning loss of one month and it takes the first six weeks of school for kids to relearn old material.

How Kids Learn Life Skills Through Classes In Art and Music

How Kids Learn Life Skills Through Art and Music

Parents may remember, back when they were kids, schools had real classes—math, science, history—and fun classes—art and music. Parents may also remember they perhaps didn’t take art or music very seriously, looking at it more like a break from the demands of serious academics than an actual learning experience.

Got Talent?

On March 13, students can sign up for the La Paloma Central Talent Show, which is scheduled to take place on April 5.

Daddy-Daughter Dance

La Paloma Central’s Daddy-Daughter Dance will be on Friday, March 8, 6:30-8:30 p.m. The event, which has a Mardi Gras theme, features a dinner, dancing, and memories galore for female students and the significant male in their lives.